The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of the CBVoucher.com Web site. By making use of the Services, you expressly agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. Should you disagree with any provision hereof, you are required to immediately cease use of the Software and the Services.

In addition to the standard terms and conditions set out below, additional terms and conditions may govern various promotions and special offers offered to you from time to time. In such circumstances, you will be directed to the additional terms and conditions.


This promotional game is open to everyone, and all nationalities around the world, excluding employees and workers of the participating outlets and anyone else connected anyhow with the promotions.


1.1 In these Terms and Conditions:

1.1.1 CBVoucher.com means the CBVoucher.com Web site and the CBVoucher.com Advergaming Engine;

1.1.2 CBVoucher.com! Automated Brand Promotion System means our proprietary CBVoucher.com advergame of re-shuffling logos and brands dynamically accessed through the service made available via VEUGA Network LLC.

1.1.3 CBVoucher.com advergame means our brands re-shuffling Web site accessible at www.CBVoucher.com and such other top-level domains or sub-domains that we may stipulate from time to time;

1.1.4 Intellectual Property means trademarks and trade names, whether registered or not, including trademark applications and registered trademarks, with the goodwill which attaches to such trade names and trademarks, domain names, getup, trade dress and trading style including, without limitation as presented in Web sites, domain name registrations and any variations thereof now and in the future; any copyright in the getup, trade dress or trading style, any right or license under copyright to use such getup, trade dress or trading style, any software code, architecture of software, look and feel of software, or any other intellectual property, owned by or licensed to us, in each case in any part of the world;

1.1.5 The Service means making available of CBVoucher.com by VEUGA Network LLC., facilitating your participation in logo/brands advergame;

1.1.6 Software means any software owned by or licensed to us, facilitating your participation, which allows you to participate in logo/brands advergame, whether Flash generated, screen rendered or downloadable or otherwise;

1.1.7 We/us/our means CBVoucher.com;

1.1.8 You/Your means you the User/Player/Influencer and Advertiser/Merchant of our Web site.

1.1.9 You fully understand and agree to become a party to and shall abide by the terms and conditions contained herein as the sole set of rules pertaining to the use of CBVoucher.com and that such terms and conditions may be amended by us from time-to-time, without notice to you. You shall be responsible for checking these Terms and Conditions regularly for any changes thereto.

1.2.0 The date upon which these terms were last modified is January 1st, 2024.



2.1 Participation at CBVoucher.com is at your sole option, discretion and risk;

2.2 You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to understand the applicable laws of jurisdiction pertaining to your use of online gaming facilities, and pertaining to online gaming facilities in general, prior to making use of CBVoucher.com (both in terms of the country within which you are resident when playing at CBVoucher.com and in terms of any country's laws to which you may be subject, notwithstanding that you are not physically present in such country when playing at CBVoucher.com). By making use of CBVoucher.com, you warrant that you understand the applicable laws pertaining to online gaming facilities and your use thereof and that it is entirely legal to make use of online gaming facilities in terms thereof. We make no warranty as to the legality of gaming in any jurisdiction.

2.3 Players at CBVoucher.com must be over the legal age of majority, therefore you warrant that you are an adult with full contractual capacity or an adult as that term is legally defined in the country in which you are resident.

2.4 If we become aware that a Player is underage, we will, except where there are grounds to believe that a fraud has been perpetrated:

a. Suspend the account immediately;

b. Void all Vouchers that have been generated and available in the Player's control panel;

c. Close the account.

You may NOT use a proxy server. You may not sign-up multiple times with different email addresses. Your computer IP must not be shared with another computer You must use your own real information when filling out information on offers and on registering with us. There is zero-tolerance for using false phone numbers, false addresses, false names, etc. Cookies MUST be enabled, make sure they are not blocked. Fraudulent Users are NOT welcome here. CBVoucher.com relies on the honesty of all parties in order to remain an asset to all Users. In order to ensure this honesty, to the best of our ability, we closely monitor our site for fraud and abuse. This means that if you engage in fraudulent activity, as determined solely by us, your account will be CLOSED and any Spotancy you have earned will be void.


3.1 By registering an account at CBVoucher.com, You:

3.1.1 warrant that all information provided by you to us is true and correct and acknowledge that, should it be discovered by us that any information provided by you is false, we reserve the right to suspend your account, including any Vouchers issued, until the true position with regard to your identity is clarified;

3.1.2 accept these Terms and Conditions as a binding agreement between us and you.

3.2 Only one CBVoucher.com account per Player is allowed. If there is more than one account registered per User CBVoucher.com reserves the right to require you to provide the concerned department with the necessary documentation to verify that the individual accounts comply with the Terms and Conditions set out herein and are therefore valid accounts.

3.3 Please note however, that the sign-up bonus is limited to ONE account per User.

3.4 CBVoucher.com reserves the right to require you to submit the following identity verifications documents after your account has been opened in the event it is necessary:

3.4.1 current and valid form of official identity document issued by the government of respective country, for example a driver license, national identity card or passport;

3.4.2 a copy of the front and back of the credit card used to by you to purchase ad packages from VEUGA Network LLC.

3.5 Thereafter, you will be required to submit a copy of the front and back of each and every credit card registered on your advertiser account.

3.6 If you cannot or do not provide us with correct details, we may suspend your account until such information is provided, alternatively we may elect to permanently close your account if such information is not provided within a reasonable period.

3.7 If there are any irregularities or if there is a mismatch between your name and address, and the name and address associated with the credit card, or other mode of payment, used by you, all transactions conducted with such credit card will be considered as invalid and voidable in the sole discretion of CBVoucher.com management.

3.8 Players are required to keep all registration details in a safe place. CBVoucher.com will not accept liability for any damages caused by misuse of any Player account by third parties. If you have lost or forgotten your registration details, please contact us immediately by sending an email to support[@]CBVoucher.com in order to obtain new registration details.

3.9 We recommend that you print out all transaction data and rules of the game in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

3.10 By providing your postal address, you agree to accept postal correspondence from CBVoucher.com at such address, from time to time, and acknowledge that such correspondence may carry conspicuous branding identifying the same with CBVoucher.com. If you do not wish to receive postal correspondence to your postal address, you may unsubscribe from such communication by sending an email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject header to support[@]CBVoucher.com.

3.11 By providing your email address, you agree to receive email correspondence from CBVoucher.com at such address, from time to time. If you do not wish to receive email correspondence to your email address, you may unsubscribe therefrom by following the unsubscribe instructions set out in CBVoucher.com's "Privacy and Spam policies".


4.1 As a Player, there is no initial deposit amount, whatsoever to play the game or to get registered. It is completely free to players until you as a Player opt to upgrade to Genie Mode. As an Advertiser/Merchant, please direct all your queries to VEUGA Network LLC found at www.veugacom.

4.2 Purchases can be made in major international currencies. Also, US dollars can be used (whatever current value is applicable).

4.3 All branded logos are the property of respective Advertisers/Merchants. For any transaction, or promo details please contact respective Advertiser/Merchant, or send us an email to support[@]CBVoucher.com and we will look into the matter.

4.4 The registration of your Advertiser/Merchant account and the activation of ad promos is subject to our approval.

4.5 Users/Players found to mislead or get involved in any kind of misconduct have one or more of their Vouchers, by whichever acquiring method, returned and/or reversed will have their accounts locked until the issue(s) have been recovered. Until such recovery, Voucher winnings will be deemed void and discounts/winnings will not be allowed. Repeat offenders may face a life-long ban in the sole discretion of CBVoucher.com.


5.1 There is no prize money to be won at the moment..

5.2 Withdrawals therefore, cannot be made in any form in any Player's currency of registration.

5.3 Unless stated otherwise, Players will be required to complete an acceptable amount of gaming activity (defined as meeting the wagering requirements) before being eligible to request a prize. Wagering requirement to play on CBVoucher.com will be announced soon.

5.4 CBVoucher.com reserves the right to request further details from any winning Players for promotional purposes. CBVoucher.com reserves the right to withhold prizes of ANY winnings until the Player provides our support team with a testimonial related to their winnings and a photo for the website in a modest manner.

5.5 Rules regarding promotions are subject to change and we reserve the right to modify these without notice.


6.1 In the event of more than one bumper prize winning, the pool will be shared equally among all the lucky winners, depending upon prize distribution policy of the Advertiser/Merchant.

6.2 If a Promotional prize results in multiple winners, the prize is shared among the winners.

6.3 Promotional game prizes are split depending on the specific promotion.


7.1 You acknowledge that CBVoucher.com may close any Player's account which is, in its sole opinion, undesirable or dormant for a period of 6 (six) months. Any "real" prize i.e. not promotional scheme (dealt with in terms of additional terms and conditions) in any such CBVoucher.com account at the time of closure will be claimable by you for 1 (one) month thereafter.

7.2 Players who discover that their accounts have been closed in terms of this clause 6 shall be entitled to lay claim to such "real" prizes upon application to CBVoucher.com, whereafter such prizes will be refunded to the Player, provided that application has been made within the aforementioned time period.


8.1 At the moment, the transference of winning promotions and prices can only be redeemed by the Player himself or herself.


9.1 You warrant that you (as an Advertiser/Merchant) are the true and lawful owner of the brand or a registered affiliate of the brand being promoted at CBVoucher.com and that you are duly and properly authorized to promote such products for the purposes set out in these Terms and Conditions.

9.2 You (as an Advertiser/Merchant) hereby authorize us and our designated agents to confirm your identity and to confirm and verify your right to use the money that you wager at CBVoucher.com

9.3 You agree to make yourself available for any publicity events arranged by us, should you win a promotional prize deemed by us to be worthy of publicity.

9.4 You hereby grant us the right to use your first name and User name in any publicity about your win.

9.5 You acknowledge that participation at CBVoucher.com amounts to gaming and winning addiction, which carries the risk of losing time and warrant that you are aware of such risks and that your participation at CBVoucher.com is entirely voluntary. Furthermore,

9.6 You shall not allow any third party including, without limitation, any minor (person under the age of legal majority), to play at CBVoucher.com using your CBVoucher.com account details. You accept full responsibility for the consequences of allowing such activity and, without derogating from the generality of any other indemnity contained herein, indemnify and hold VEUGA Network LLC harmless in respect of any damages arising from the same.

9.7 You warrant that your interest in CBVoucher.com is personal, and not professional. Players entering CBVoucher.com do so solely for their own personal entertainment, to obtain promotions and any other entrance, access, use, or re-use of CBVoucher.com by you is strictly prohibited.

9.8 In the event of any discrepancy between the result on the Player-side, components of the Software and the CBVoucher.com server-side components of the Software, the result showing on the CBVoucher.com server-side components shall be deemed to be the accurate and correct result.

9.9 The promotion awarded will be final. You cannot "undo" a promotion or a prize awarded. Promotions will be displayed on the screen right after the brand or logo displayed is spotted.

9.10 We cannot guarantee that the Service will never suffer from technical faults; however as soon as we become aware that a fault has occurred, we will attempt to correct the fault as soon as reasonably possible. Furthermore, although we do our utmost to prevent this, we cannot and do not guarantee that the Software is free from computer viruses. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately protected from computer viruses and that you are able to re-install any data or programs lost due to a computer virus.

9.10 We may temporarily suspend the Service in whole or in part, for any reason in our sole discretion, in which case we may, but are not obliged to, give you reasonable notice of such suspension. We will restore the Service as soon as is reasonably possible after such suspension, however we will not be liable to you for any loss that you may incur as a result of such suspension or delay. Furthermore, we may in our sole discretion and without notice to you, add or discontinue any game at any time.

9.11 CBVoucher.com may, in its sole discretion, withhold or delay any promotion or prize to you should it be discovered that:

9.11.1 You have provided us with false or misleading information;

9.11.2 You are found to have violated any policy rule, or

9.11.3 if for any reason, in its sole discretion, your Player account is not maintained in good standing, which may render any promotion prizes or subsequent winnings void.

9.12 CBVoucher.com may, in its sole discretion, withhold or delay any promotion related to the game which may require further investigation due to any system malfunction. In the event of any system malfunction having been exploited or taken advantage of in any way by a Player, CBVoucher.com shall be under no obligation to pay such Players.


10.1 You hold VEUGA Network, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners and agents harmless and fully indemnify the same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of your:

10.1.1 Entry, use, or reuse of CBVoucher.com;

10.1.2 Use of any materials at CBVoucher.com;

10.1.3 Entry, use, or re-use of the CBVoucher.com server and/or Software;

10.1.4 Participation in any promotional game at CBVoucher.com;

10.1.5 The acceptance of any payout/prize from CBVoucher.com; or

10.1.6 Breach of any warranty given in terms of these Terms and Conditions.

10.2 In no circumstances whatsoever shall VEUGA Network LLC its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners and agents be liable to You in respect of any claim arising out of contract, tort, negligence or otherwise or for any loss or damage howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, or for any amounts whatsoever, even where we have been notified of the possibility of such loss or damage.

10.3 CBVoucher.com, the Service and the Software is provided *AS IS* and we make no warranty or representation, express or implied, as to its satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, completeness or accuracy thereof. Furthermore, we shall not be liable for any computer malfunctions or failure of telecommunications or internet services, nor for attempts by you to participate in games by any methods not intended by us.


11.1 You acknowledge that the Software, the "get-up" of CBVoucher.com and all material which may be visually or audibly presented to you in your use of CBVoucher.com is either the Intellectual Property of CBVoucher.com or its licensor's and that you are granted a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software in order to participate in the CBVoucher.com game offered by us, subject to these Terms and Conditions. In this regard you acknowledge that you have no rights whatsoever to use or lay claim to any Intellectual Property belonging to CBVoucher.com and/or its owners/licensors.

11.2 You further agree not to, and not to assist or facilitate any third party to, copy reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit, or tamper with the Intellectual Property in any manner whatsoever.


12.1 You acknowledge that We may refuse to register you as a Player or elect to de-register and exclude You as a Player at any time and for any reason whatsoever, and that we are not obligated to give you prior notice of our decision to refuse, de-register or exclude you nor to furnish you with any reasons for our decision.

12.2 If we de-register, exclude or suspend you from CBVoucher.com, we shall have the right to:

12.2.1 Withhold any promotions to you of any contest;

12.2.2 Determine what criteria you shall have to meet in order to establish a new account with CBVoucher.com; or

12.2.3 In the case of fraudulent, illegal or similar misconduct by you, furnish any relevant information about you to an industry appropriate database recording such mischief, and you hereby irrevocably authorize us to do so in our absolute discretion.

12.3 We may terminate these Terms and Conditions with respect to you and your account immediately without notice:

12.3.1 If we decide for any reason to discontinue providing these Services;

12.3.2 If we believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions;

12.3.3 If your participation has been improper in any way or breaches the spirit of these Terms and Conditions;

12.3.4 For any other reason we see fit.

12.4 You may terminate these Terms and Conditions at any times by sending an email to support[@]CBVoucher.com

12.5 Unless specifically provided otherwise, on termination of these Terms and Conditions with respect to you as Advertiser/Merchant, any balance in your account will be returned to you within a reasonable time of your request, subject to our right to deduct any moneys owing to us by you.

12.6 On termination of these Terms and Conditions you shall:

12.6.1 Discontinue your participation;

12.6.2 Pay all amounts due and owing to us as Advertisers;

12.7 The right to terminate these Terms and Conditions shall not prejudice any other right or remedy of either party in respect of the breach concerned, if any, or any other breach.


13.1 Each clause contained in these terms and conditions shall be separate and severable from each of the others. If any clause is found to be void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining rules shall remain of full force and effect. All dates and times stipulated in these terms and conditions are based on (GMT+4), unless otherwise stated.

13.2 We may amend, alter, delete, interlineate or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice to you, which amendments, alterations, deletions, interlineations or additions shall become effective immediately and you shall be bound by such immediately upon their posting on CBVoucher.com.

13.3 Our employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, advertising or other agencies, licensees, licensors, distributors and their other associated or affiliated companies or, in the case of individuals, the immediate family of such individual, are not eligible to participate in the games offered by CBVoucher.com.

13.4 No indulgence granted by us to you should be construed as a waiver of any of our rights in these Terms and Conditions.

13.5 Unless otherwise expressly stated, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall create or confer any rights on any persons not party to these Terms and Conditions.

13.6 We reserve the right to transfer, assign, sub-license or pledge, in whole or in part, any of the rights and obligations granted to or imposed upon us by these Terms and Conditions. You may not transfer, sub-license or pledge any of the rights and obligations granted to or imposed upon you by these Terms and Conditions.

13.7 Unless the context indicate otherwise, these Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement between us and supersede all prior oral or written agreements, arrangements or understandings between you and us. You acknowledge that you are not relying on any representations, agreement, term or condition that is not set out in these Terms and Conditions.

13.8 In these Terms and Conditions reference to persons shall include incorporated and unincorporated persons; reference to the singular shall include the plural and vice versa; and references to the masculine includes the feminine.

13.9 The validity, construction and performance of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the International laws and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the respective country's Courts to which you hereby submit, except that either you or we may seek an interim injunction in any court of competent jurisdiction.

13.10 CBVoucher.com reserves the right to exclude you from any of its promotions or special offers, should you be found to be abusing any of its promotions, using fraudulent information to complete offers and/or completing offers with fraudulent intent or otherwise engaging in fraudulent activities. Fraud includes, but is not limited to, the following: using stolen credit cards to complete offers; using false information to complete offers; using information that is not one's own to complete offers; using prepaid gift and/or credit cards to complete offers; completing the same offer multiple times; canceling offers and/or trials prior to receipt of product and/or service. CBVoucher.com will endeavor to inform those impacted by such exclusions proactively, but this may not be possible in all cases.


14.1 Gift cards/gift vouchers are sent at the end of the month. If the threshold is hit in one month, then we will pay out at the end of the following month. CBVoucher.com does not pay out in the following circumstances: to members with incomplete or inaccurate account information. In some cases payments may require additional time than above-indicated to be processed. Thus, offers completed during a prior month may not always be confirmed/paid-out the following month, as there are sometimes delays in receiving commissions on, and, by participating on this site, Users understand and acknowledge that no payment shall be made until has received payment from its Advertisers.