What is Deal on Demand?

'Deal on Demand' is a revolutionary concept pioneered by CBVoucher.com where instead of running after a deal, you become an authority to generate a free voucher of your favorite brand - just on-the-fly.

'Deal on Demand' in essence gives you (Player) the power to design your own deal based on your preferences and demand. However, you must meet the challenge set by the Merchant to win the deal or else you will loose certain Spotancy you might have earned on the CBVoucher.com system.

On CBVoucher.com, we offer a unique brand oriented game called Spot n Win!

Here, different Merchants from around the world using the CBVoucher.com platform let Players win and choose promotions based on certain time bound challenges. These challenges require certain number of Players to spot a particular brand. If the challenge is met, all the Players in the 'Deal on Demand' ring wins the promotion, which lets them unlock a special URL that carries a hidden code with which they can redeem the offer.