Can I duplicate voucher code(s) and redeem at Merchant's site?

For's own in-house 'Deal on Demand' vouchers, it's a BIG 'No' here. That's because each 'Deal on Demand' offer carries only one time unique code that gets redeemed, and becomes void.

All promotional products have special codes that authenticate the voucher(s) on the system.

...Also, that's the whole point of offering 'Deal on Demand' voucher(s) to give you fresh & unique oven hot deals based on your own winnings, with preferences having personalized and customized offers tailored specially for you.

However, in case of other Brand Coded and/or Action Driven Offers from Merchants operating outside 'Deal on Demand' web ring, it depends on Merchant's policy to allow or disallow the use of duplicated voucher(s).