What is Spot n Win?

Spot n Win! is your dream come true.

... It's a promotional game on the CBVoucher.com platform that's about spotting and playing for your favorite brand with product logos in a challenging way. It powers up observation skills and sharpens your mental reflexes in the brain. Also, Spot n Win! is designed to help you save BIG money on all almost products that you buy. 

Spot n Win! lets you win unlimited promotions endlessly at one location with loads of fun, excitement and savings along the way.

A very powerful feature of Spot n Win! is that instead of trying to run after a deal, it makes YOU an AUTHORITY to generate a winning free voucher of your favorite brand, just on-the-fly.

For the first time in the history of promotions, Spot n Win! brings you a nifty concept where you not only get a 'Deal on Demand', but can actually and realistically SAVE BIG and EARN EXTRA money at the cost of just spotting your favorite brand logo.