Who is Ed?

Ed is our CBVoucher.com mascot playing the central role of a Genie who is passionate about bringing, listing, updating and canceling 'Deal on Demand' entries within the system.

Ed (The Genie) continues to follow the legacy of his old predecessors that use to say ... "Your Wish Is My Command" with a slightly different mantra "Your Win Is My Command".

...Ed utilizes today's modern technology of computers and Internet coupled with gamification principles to bring you the most desired deals and offers that you actually wish for when shopping.

In the future, Ed plans to use Artificial Intelligence, (AI) to further streamline the 'Deal on Demand' process with added personalization and customization features to help you save more money, and bringing more fun in the process.

Just ask Ed about the deal you wish to demand for your favorite brand, GO check it out.

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