The FAQ page

What is Spot n Win?

Spot n Win! is your dream come true.

It's a promotional game that's about spotting and playing your favorite brand and product logos in a challenging way. It powers up your observation ability, and control your mental reflexes in the brain. Also, Spot n Win! is designed to help you save BIG money on all digital products products that you buy.

With Spot n Win! you can win unlimited promotions endlessly at one location with loads of fun, excitement and wow factor along the way.

A very powerful feature of Spot n Win! is that instead of trying to run after a deal, YOU become an AUTHORITY to generate a winning free voucher of your favorite brand, just on-the-fly?

...Because for the first time in the history of promotions, Spot n Win! brings a nifty concept where you not only get a deal-on-demand - but can actually & realistically SAVE BIG and EARN EXTRA $$$ at the cost of just spotting your favorite brand logo.

What can I expect to win at Spot n Win?

You win REAL discount offers, prizes and great deals on products that you otherwise buy paying more money. In addition to this, you get truckload of fun and entertainment while playing an interactive game at your leisure.

Can I play Spot n Win! anywhere in the world, and can still get special discount and offers?

As long as you are having internet connection, you can play Spot n Win! since all products are digitally delivered.

In what way, Spot n Win! is different than other coupon directories, daily deals and other similar sites?

We leave this question to you. Play Spot n Win! and find out for yourself. In this respect, YOU be the judge. Ah, did we mention it's free to join Smiley face

Is there a limit for winning discounts or promotions?

No. Not at all. However, there is some quota allocated for each brand for each day to avoid abuse.

What do I do if I get hooked to the game?

Relax. You will be given ample opportunity to play as and when you please.

Can I choose to select a product/category before I spot my desired logo?

Yes! You can not only choose your desired category in which you want your promotion to be, but you can also select the sub-category.

You can even select your desired product promo from the Game Option menu.

Can I sell, transfer or swap my vouchers and special discounts offers with others?

Yes! You can do that. You can even sell your voucher codes to other people on sites like for a nominal fee. CBVoucher is just a venue, therefore we can only control and authenticate the validity of the voucher.

CBVoucher does not sell voucher or voucher codes itself. You can make a lot of money selling voucher codes. Keep in mind voucher validity and expiration date. Also, a voucher is good for one time use only, and cannot be redeemed a second time, so bear this in mind before selling.

What if I don't win anything?

Relax. There's enough to play around. Sooner or later you will win something.

Keep trying, and you will surely get your share of the pie.

What if I won the promo but still can't redeem my voucher?

This is rarely the case. But when it does happen, simply inform us and we will look into the matter.

How soon can I win something?

Well, it all depends on your observational power. The better your observation and loyalty with the brand, the sooner you will be able to spot the brand and win the offers.

Is there any age limit to play Spot n Win?

We have set age limit to 13 and beyond. However, you can still play if you so desire even if you're under 13 years of age.

Is playing Spot n Win! legal?

Yes, it's 100% legal and in conformity with international laws for such promotions. Spot n Win! is a promotional game only and NOT any lotto or jackpot related game that may be considered controversial.

How long the promotions are valid?

Our advertisers (at individual level) define the length of promos and discount offers. Therefore, each offer has promo associated with respective product and advertiser for a given length of time.

How do I redeem my offers?

Click on the URL provided on the winning Promotional Page and the system will take care of the promotion associated with the product. In some cases free reports or downloadable links will be provided for you as free bonuses.

Also, in your Player's Member Area you have a history and complete system for managing your promotion vouchers(s), including customized printout option.

Is there any fee to Play Spot n Win!

Currently, Spot n Win! is completely free of cost to you.

How to Play Spot n Win!?

Just observe the brand displayed on the top middle of the screen. Match and Spot this brand among the large gamut of different brands within the Play Page. A lapsing clock beneath the displayed brand would start showing the remaining time. The moment you spot the brand, click on the brand logo and you will be taken to the winning Promotional Page.

However, if you're unable to spot the brand in a given time, you will be given the opportunity to spot another brand logo and so on... until you choose to stop the game. Most likely, never Smiley face

Can I duplicate voucher numbers(s) and redeem at the brand's site?

No. This is strictly against the rules of Spot n Win!

All promotional products have special codes that authenticate the vouchers on the system. Any person found to be violating rules may get his/her account cancelled.

My page is not loading, what do I do now?

If your page gets stuck or you have problems loading the grid, please check the following sections of your browser settings:

In Firefox Advance -> Network -> Connection -> Put proxy address of your ISP here.

In Internet Explorer Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Put proxy address of your ISP here.

I can't print my vouchers as some information or pictures on vouchers are missing, what do I do?

Printing vouchers are not required for redemption. Print feature is available only in the event if you plan to sell your vouchers to other people in person.

To print, you need to allow background print feature from your browser.

In Firefox its under: File > Page Setup > Format & Options > Options Section > Print Background Color and Images.

In Internet Explorer its under: Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab > Printing > Print Background Color and Images. Check the box in that section.

How does Spot n Win! work?

1. Register: The sign up process takes about 15-20 seconds, and we'll even give you 10 FREE BONUS POINTS when you register.

2. Earn points: To be able to offer our users FREE gift vouchers to use at online stores such as Amazon and ASOS, you need to earn points. Earning these points are also FREE, and you just need to complete a short survey to get enough points to claim a free voucher. You can also earn points by signing up to some trial offers, but we recommend you stick to the free surveys for now.

3. Get a Free voucher: Once you have earned 500 points on Spot n Win! you can swap them for REAL gift vouchers, which can be used at online stores/communities. Basically, you can request ANY voucher, as long as we can buy it online and send to you via email. The possibilities are truly endless.

4. Win unlimited free promotions of your choice from the category of your choice. Click here to sign-up for free.

What are points, and how do I earn them?

At Spot n Win! points mean REAL money. Once you meet the required number of points set by our system, you can swap points for a gift voucher redeemable at a store/website of your choice!

You can earn points by filling quick surveys that take around 1 minute. These surveys are powered by CPALead - a performance-based, online advertising network that develops technologies to promote incentive-based advertisement.

You have the option to fill in free surveys, trial offers, or purchase offers. Alternatively, you can easily use PayPal to make up those extra few points so you can claim your voucher!

Can I get points without filling in surveys and offers?

Yes! Spot n Win! has a referral system in place. Once you sign up, go to the members area and you'll find your special referral link.

Also, you can earn points by spotting the correct logo from the Play Grid. However, after every 20 points earned via referral and/or by spotting correct logos, a survey MUST be completed or else points will not increase.

What are points worth?

10 points = $1.00/£0.50
50 points = $5.00/£2.50
100 points = $10.00/£5.00
190 points = $20.00/£10.00

You need a minimum of 200 points to claim a gift voucher. After 200 points, you can cash out in multiples of 100.
For Example:

You have 190 points - You can claim a $20/£10 voucher
You have 250 points - You can claim a $20/£10 voucher
You have 310 points - You can claim a $30/£15 voucher, with 10 points left in your account

How can Spot n Win! give away gift vouchers for free?

In order to offer our players FREE gift vouchers to be used at online e-tailers such as Amazon, Apple, ASOS etc., you need to earn points. Earning these points are FREE, and you can do a number of fun related things to earn them.

...For example, you can fill a short survey, or you can spot a correct logo on the Play Grid, or you can refer Spot nWin! to your friends and family and be the first to share something that's not only fun, but carries great savings and unlimited exceptional offers from named brands.

I filled up a survey but did not earn any points, why?

This could be due to the following reasons:

1. Advertiser did not find the information you provided useful.
2. You did not match the advertiser's targeted demographic.
3. Your browser cookies are not enabled.
4. You did not complete the survey all-the-way.

Some merchants are pickier than others. In this case, we propose that if a survey does not reward you, simply move onto the next one. This is the nature of the free surveys and the incentive CPA industry.

How can I request a gift voucher?

Once you achieve your Gift Voucher Target of 500 points, a special link will be activated in your member's area, which will guide you through to contact us with your request. From here you can choose gift voucher of your choice that you'd like us to email you.